April 2009
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Message from Shyra


Are you letting the state of this economy cause you to make moves that are compromising your integrity?  Having integrity does mean that you are being consistent on acting on what you believe is truly right. There have been so many money making opportunities presented to me within the last several months and I have to admit, there were some that sounded really good and simple to do. The motive was to not only get me involved, but to pass the information on to others. However, after doing a little research, I discovered bits and pieces of information that were left out of the initial mentioning of the opportunities. As I’ve mentioned to some of my clients, "ALL MONEY IS NOT GOOD MONEY". Although, times may appear to be rough, you don’t have to get yourself caught up in things that could tempt you to be dishonest with the motive to gain. If someone presents an opportunity to you and it sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, most of the time it is just that! Where are my true believers? I know that my promotions come from the Lord. HE will promote and prosper you so it is important to keep the faith and believe. As I mentioned in my message last month, you don’t have to be a herd follower. Following the World is not required to get ahead. Sit back and analyze things going on in the world today. Do you really want to be included in all of “the drama”. Focus on what it is that you really want in life and stop feeling as if you have to get on-board with the next “money making movement” that comes your way. If you sit back and think for a minute, you will be able to come up with several opportunities that came and went. Some went along with your money that you invested into it. Is it worth it to do this all over again? Don't get me wrong.   I have come across some opportunities that seemed to be ok, but they weren't for me and didn't fit in with the goals I have.  Just do your research before jumping so quickly into something.  The internet is a great tool to use for this purpose!  It's amazing how much of the information is right at your fingertips.  If you are going to invest your money into something that really is worth investing into, be sure it is something that will definitely benefit you and your family.  Don't let your lack of research impact your family's well being. 

Monthly Expert
Spiritual Awakening for Women
By Dr. Elon Bomani

Today, the world seems to be spinning a little bit faster. No matter who you are, you likely have more than ever on your to do list. Stay-at-home moms, work-at-home moms, ivy league moms and professional working women seem to have especially hectic schedules. In addition to taking care of families and juggling careers, these women also are pressed into service as chauffeurs to child sports games, as hostesses for entertaining, and as friends. Trying to balance all areas of life can be hectic, and often leaves women with little time for themselves.

Reclaiming spiritual life in simple, no-fuss ways, though, allows women to recharge. With a reawakened interest in spiritual life, a woman can face the world with confidence, no matter what that world throws at her. Spirituality has been proven to have a stress reducing effect and can even ensure greater success. Women who take time for themselves are happier, calmer, and healthier.

Many women avoid spirituality because they see it as another commitment -- they may see it as additional hours spent in church or prayer. This does not have to be the case. There are many ways to reconnect with an inner life or spiritual essence without much additional time. Smart women reconnect with themselves and unleash their personal power a number of ways:

  • Yoga. Substituting a regular exercise routine with yoga a few times a week -- or even just once a week -- helps build the body while also calming the mind. Yoga, with its controlled movements and its emphasis on breathing, helps soothe the mind and focus the spirit while also strengthening and toning the body.

  • Prayer. Many women successfully use prayer -- either established prayers or prayers they have designed themselves -- to help ease the stresses of everyday life. A quick prayer in the morning or evening can help ease worries and anxieties.

  • Meditation. Finding a quiet space and time to focus solely on breathing and on soothing thoughts is a super way to recharge and refocus after a hectic day. Meditation does not have to be complicated. It can be as simple as sitting quietly and visualizing something or simply breathing evenly for a few minutes.

  • Affirmations. Affirmations have long been a tool of very successful people. Simply by creating positive phrases, such as “I am a great success” or “I'm a creative, loving person, deserving great joy” and repeating these phrases from time to time throughout the day, women can actually begin to manifest what they are saying. The mind cannot really distinguish between what is strongly believed in what actually happens, so reinforcing specific beliefs throughout the day can make them actually happen.

  • Visualization. Olympic athletes have long known this little secret. Visualization simply involves imagining something as ideal before it actually occurs. For example, a busy business woman who has to make a presentation can imagine herself giving the speech perfectly and confidently. By visualizing many times before actually giving the presentation, woman can drastically improve her chances of success when she faces her audience.

  • Journaling. Finding a few minutes to jot down your feelings and thoughts into a journal is an excellent idea. A journal can be a great dumping ground for anger, worries, and other negative thoughts. It can also be a wonderful way to record treasured memories that they can be referred to again and again on sadder days.

Why not take a page from successful women's own stories by implementing these simple techniques into your day today? These simple techniques could be a great way to recharge yourself and a simple way to develop a new zest for life.

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Inspirational Article

Don't Be Discouraged - The Story is Not Over Yet

What is the purpose of Life? There is no answer to this question when it is intended in the great cosmic sense - as in why does Life exist? Or where does Life come from? Life has no reason for being. It is beyond all justifications. Life simply Is and that is all. There can be no arguing this point. You can accept it or not. It is what it is. What is the purpose of my life? Well this is an entirely different query altogether and this question does have an answer. The one size fits all reason for each of us (expressions of Life) being here is - to learn; to grow in our understanding of ourselves. The lessons we live through are sometimes quite challenging. I know it's probably not a revelation to you that growing does have its pains. But you should also understand that there is never any reason for you to be discouraged by these pains. Today's trials are destined to be tomorrow's enlightenments. Difficult situations arise in your experience to either make you aware of your strengths or to inspire you to walk in a new direction.

Anytime you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the daunting circumstances coming at you in life - stop, take a breath, step back within yourself and just remember that this story you're living in, in this moment is far from over yet. There is indeed much more to come, many more moments to experience. What you're going through now is only one scene of a much bigger storyline. And there will be more to see if you just keep moving. Move through it. The difficulty you find yourself in may seem to have roots so deep as to be practically immovable, but even if it (the source of your difficulty) may not be moved easily, you have the power to move away from it effortlessly. All you have to do is let go. Stop struggling with it. Move on.

You may have heard it said before that the only way to get to where you want to go in life is to start from where you are. There is nothing to be gained but misery in lamenting your fortune of not being someplace other than where you are. You have to accept where you are before you can change it. So as long as this is the case why not make a habit of looking at your experience in life with a spirit of gratefulness. It's kind of similar to the old wisdom, if you're going to be here then you might as well make the most of it. Gratitude is the great proliferator of life. In honoring the blessing in your life situation instead of the faults, you undergo growth in your experience and growth in your spiritual development. By contrast, every moment spent in lamentation, every moment spent in worrying leaves you paralyzed. And when you wallow in the moment of your suffering the pain you feel from it lingers and compounds.

Life's little stings, which are meant to motivate our spiritual growth, don't usually hurt as bad as we ultimately make it hurt for ourselves by refusing to let go of the thing that is stinging us. The pain you suffer will move when you move. When you stop holding onto it. When you resolve to go forward and actually see how the story you're living evolves from the mess it may seem to be now.

Try to think of it this way. Have you ever seen the movie What's Love Got To Do With It, the movie based on Tina Turner's life? There's a scene in that movie that always makes me unnerved, the scene where Tina is raped by her husband Ike in the middle of her recording their song Nutbush. Sitting through that part of the movie is agony. And if I never watched beyond that point of the story I probably wouldn't be able to stand this film. But as it turns out, there was more to Tina's story than that tragic experience in her life. It's a story full of great themes about finding one's strength; growing wise; letting go and starting over again; enduring to see the sunshine that follows the storm... But I never would have got to those parts, those warm feeling good scenes that have made What's Love Got To Do With It a choice movie for me, had I hit the pause during that one disturbing scene and refused to watch the rest of the story unfold.

But isn't this what we do all the time in real life. We find ourselves in a situation that unnerves us, makes us fearful, and we hit the pause button and stay stuck in that moment of our trepidation. We don't allow ourselves to see the story we're living in through for fear of what else might come? It's like we're standing on a bed of hot coals, too afraid to take the next step because we're immobilized by the thought of, "what if it's worse?" But the longer you idle in this same spot the more unbearable your situation will grow to be. Know this, that the next step you take may indeed be painful, but be assured that it won't be as painful as what you'll suffer if you don't keep moving your feet. So whether the trial you find yourself faced with is the equivalent of a bed of hot coals (which can be moved through rather quickly), or a far reaching desert (which will take some time to travel through), the encouragement we can take from this is identical. That this too shall pass. And as long is you keep on keeping on, this too shall pass more quickly.

Hope feeds on motion. So keep it moving.

Evette Gardner is the author of the self realization / advaita ebook Divine Heritage. She currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. You can read more of her articles on her web site Divine Heritage and blog.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Evette_Gardner


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