August 2009
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Message from Shyra

Knowing The Difference

The topic I want to touch on this month is that it's great to help others, but know when you're being used or should I say when someone is trying to use you.  There's nothing more that we enjoy than helping our fellow man and seeing the gratitude and appreciation that our efforts can bring to others.  It's not about spending lots of money, but about the effort that you put forth when there is nothing to be gained except for a simple thank you.  It's at these times that you will see people's true colors.  On the other hand, be wary of those who sometimes seem to be friendly, but every time you turn around, he or she is asking for a favor of some kind or wants your involvement in a project of theirs.  Make sure you stay true to your values and if something doesn't suit your goals, be upfront, but politely refuse the invitation.  Just because the involvement may not be a good fit for you, don't trample on someone else's aspirations.  Being supportive from the sidelines could be just the extra boost that person might need to continue on and find success.  For those who know what they want to do and have devised clear cut plans to achieve those goals, don't be naive.  No matter who you do business with, get a written contract between your company and the other business or entity that you are doing business with no matter how well you "trust" the other party.  Clearly spell out what each side is bringing to the table and what services are being rendered, at what price and for what length of time.  There's nothing like having a monetary dispute with only "he said, she said" to fall back on and finding yourself at odds with the business that originally started off to look so promising.

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Monthly Expert
Fear - The Entrepreneurs' Undoing
By Vitus Ejiogu

Doubt is a product of fear. When fear comes into a man, it brings with it a paralyzing effect to the point of pulling him down from an exhorted position earlier attained.

A lot of gifted people never tried to put their ideas into good use because they are afraid of failure. The fear of failure has been the undoing of many entrepreneurs. They are afraid to fail so they refuse trying anything. They refuse to take risks. They would rather waste away in their comfort zones where they believe to have a sense of security, than risk anything.

The simple truth is that this world has no guarantee of security. The only thing we can boast of is opportunity, and that is why you must be able to take a little risk to accomplish anything worthwhile in life. In a world of opportunities like ours, the person who will risk nothing will eventually do nothing.

Fear is not supposed to drag us to the mud. Every failure in a man's life is not an absolute finality to his success. Since no man's present situation says everything about his future, the present failure you are afraid of can never materialize into a future hopelessness. Success as we know has both mother and father, only failure is an orphan. So, whenever you try and fail, always remember to try again, because anything that causes you trouble can equally be your best teacher. Learn from your past mistakes and develop a new mind. Those, who never made mistakes, never made anything. It is better to take a step and fail than to do nothing at all.

Experience comes and is developed by the simple things we do. No great man ever got scared of failure. Failure is like a stepping stone, when you fail here, you mark the place of your first failure deciding, never to go same again and with the experience gained, you are propelled to the next level. Do not allow failure to stop you, it is never the final stop in your life.

As an entrepreneur trying to break new grounds in business, it is wise to consider the business properly and then launch out. The conviction you have based on practical facts is what will get you established. Do not employ the object of fear or failure, because the fear of failure will paralyze your faith and truncate your destiny. Failure is not a person, but an event, you are the only person here standing, and you are not a failure. Why not launch out into the unknown today and make a mark that can never be erased on the sand of history? Friend, you are not a failure because you failed; you are a failure because you gave up. Failure to me means that I have not succeeded yet, not that I will never succeed.

When I tried to publish my articles online through the, I faced a lot of troubles and set-backs. To a certain level all my articles were on the problem column and no matter how I tried to bring modifications, the same problem came repeating itself. Yet, I did not quit. The next article I posted earned me a suspension due to mix-up of ideas with another author and that took me time to get freed out of the hook. The never-expected-success-entrepreneur will take it as having failed, and as a result will opt to do nothing.

I was not made to quit easily. I followed the rules gradually until I hit the mark. Today I have earned the expert writer title. With all that I have gathered already, I don't make the same mistakes again. My first failure reminded me that I am not perfect, not that I am inferior. Friends, your failure in life is never a final to your success. There is hope after any kind of failure, whether moral or financial, spiritual or even marital, there is hope, so don't give up.

Ejiogu GCE Vitus is a writer and publisher with the Fire-Brand Int'l Ministries, a media ministry that is based in Nigeria. He is the editor of FOUNDATION SATELLITE magazine also published by the ministry. He pastors a Church in Bauchi and is married with two children. You can reach him at: or, 234 802 8181 829.

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Inspirational Article

Courage to Be Different
By Shiloah Baker

Not everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and do things differently from everyone else. Some people enjoy going with the flow and being the average person. To those who want to stand apart, I'm writing to you today.

It takes courage to be different. A courageous woman sees changes that need to be made in her life, family or situation and despite opposition; she goes forward and makes those changes. Many times important responsibilities to be done are not for the faint of heart. Each time one embraces a challenge in spite of opposition, she becomes a stronger person. Eleanor Roosevelt said, "You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."

Taking the leap of faith to home school, as one example, is not an easy task. You may not have the support or encouragement of your friends and family. While in public you may be scrutinized or criticized vocally or in passing judgmental whispers and stares. Susan B. Anthony, wise woman that she was said this, "Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputation and social standing, never can bring about a reform. Those who are really in earnest must be willing to be anything or nothing in the world's estimation, and publicly and privately, in season and out, avow their sympathy with despised and persecuted ideas and their advocates, and bear the consequences."

One thing I've noticed is if we share a decision we're making with friends, and we don't have a strong resolution one way or the other, the person listening may think it is an open invitation to sway you in the way they think you should go. I've learned through experience that a well meaning friend or family member may add to my confusion in important decisions and I have lost courage temporarily in my resolve. I now try to be careful in mentioning a decision or problem that has not been resolved or decided upon, unless I respect her take on it and want her wisdom and advice. It is a good rule to make important life decisions between you, God and your spouse. I find that I can share openly once the decision is made, without waffling back and forth.

I've never been a "by the book" person and I choose the road less traveled. I have a large family. I'm religious. I home school my children. By all accounts, I'm not your typical peanut butter and jelly. I'm more roast beef on rye. That's okay. What matters most is that your own life decisions bring you great joy. I love my life and I know I'm doing what is right for me and my family. My life decisions also bring opposition in the form of criticisms from many who don't understand. Just knowing this makes it easier at times to resist the opposition, knowing that it will come.

Take courage. If you are thinking of making an important change in your life, especially one that goes against societies "norm" such as homeschooling, joining a new church, or staying home instead of working 9-5 at a regular job, know that it is not without sacrifice, but it is always worth it in the end. I would much rather have no regrets than live wishing I had taken the leap of faith to be a little different for a better good. Let each criticism strengthen your resolve and forge through, move forward, continue on. You are not alone. Many times I am relieved and happy to find others who are making the sacrifice to be courageous too. Don't forget that, in being different for a better good, you are making a difference in your life and an example in the lives of those who know you.

Shiloah Baker is a mother of seven children and homemaker who resides in North Carolina. She is the owner of Homemaking Cottage & Co., a website which offers homemaking related articles, books, eBooks, ideas, other homemaking related materials, and a subscription service. For more information go to: or her blog at to learn how she raises seven children and runs a business at home.

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