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Message From Shyra

Happy New Year Everyone!
Have you made your 2010 list of goals already?  If not, it’s not too late!

Sit and jot down a minimum of 3 goals and give yourself a deadline for completing each one.  Let’s be realistic when we do this.  We do know in order to achieve some of our goals, we will have to be willing to become more of an action taker and let go of the procrastinator that is within us.  I won’t say that it will be easy, but what I will offer to assist you are resources to help you along the way.  This year, I will offer more in my newsletter to assist my readers in accomplishing their goals.  I’ve received many questions regarding improving personally or professionally to get ahead.  If you don’t see a topic covered, please feel free to email me at the address below and I will try my best to get to each one.  I wish you the best this year and look forward to receiving your testimonials! 


Tips From Shyra

Maintain A Professional Image

It’s important as a professional to maintain a professional image. Not only in the way we look but also in the way we conduct business.

If you are to meet with clients, be sure to dress appropriately as you are representing your company as well.  Making a good first impression is important and you only get one chance to do this.
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Featured Article

SEO 101 - Essential SEO Tools
Link Popularity

By Tom Dwyer

You have a great website, but it still does not get the traffic you want. Besides spending $$$$$ of dollars with paid search you want to know how to take advantage of the free stuff...natural search.

Having some key information at you disposal will help guide you in your quest for search engine dominance. If you haven't used the right SEO tools to check your sites performance and make the necessary changes you are missing the boat.
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Business Resources

It’s Time To
Outsource It!

Some of your regular day to day activities can probably be outsourced to someone else. If you’re thinking that you probably can’t afford to outsource, think again!!! There are so many websites out there who offer freelance services who meet all types of budgets. Take a look at a few sites below and set your profile up today to receive bids on your project! Don’t let your dreams get away! Start building your team today so you can bring your dream to reality!

Q&A with Shyra

Here is your opportunity to
“Pick Shyra’s Brain”

Question: I was recently laid off as an Executive Assistant. I’ve thought about starting my own business, but just don’t see that happening since I don’t have any capital and I don’t really know exactly what kind of business I can start with no capital. I’ve always done administrative type jobs and I enjoy it. Any ideas on start-ups that require little or no capital?

Answer: Sorry to hear the news about the lay-off. Well…actually, should I say CONGRATULATIONS on your promotion???

I’ve got a great idea for you! Why don’t you begin to research on “Virtual Assistants”? This is a great opportunity for you to take on as many clients as you can handle and decide what hours you would like to work, all while using the same skills that you have spent many years to develop. After all, your last employer DID hire YOU! You can set up contracts with your clients on a retainer basis so that you can control your monthly income. Clients can pay you for the time that you actually work. It would actually be a win/win situation for you and the client. All you really need is a computer, internet, phone line, fax line and sharpen your skills on the latest technology and software that’s out there. Take a look at the freelance websites out there and see what services the other virtual assistants are offering to help give you some ideas. When you see projects posted on these freelance websites, begin your bidding process and always stand out and bid to win that client over to your portfolio!

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