July 2009
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Message from Shyra

What a month June was this year! We received emails, text messages, phone calls or saw the news reports on the deaths of several entertainment icons who impacted so many lives. One evening while sitting and chatting with my husband, we began to converse about what people would say about us when we’re gone. Have we impacted any lives positively? What do we need to work on or improve? So many questions were brought up and then of course, you know I’m the sensitive one who began to shed some tears thinking about it. But think about it. Have you done anything to impact someone else’s life positively? Are there changes you need to make within yourself? Have you thought about your legacy? What will people say about you at your funeral? Will they remember you as a loving, giving and caring person? If you’ve got some people in your life who you’ve hurt or have done wrong, it’s time to get things right. Remember, there’s no need to be so desperately driven for anything that you compromise your beliefs in the process. It’s not worth it. If you haven’t done so already, it’s not too late to change. Start today in figuring out what you want your legacy to be. Your everyday actions should be in line with your legacy. I want people to remember me as being that giving, loving and caring person. Live life in a positive and effective way that you want people to remember you living and not the kind of life where there are hindrances you’re continuously giving.

Monthly Expert
Transitioning From Being an Employee to Becoming an Entrepreneur
By Debbie Ruston

Transitioning from being an Employee to becoming an Entrepreneur can be a bit of a learning curve. There are specific things you can do to make this transition smooth and prosper as an entrepreneur....

  • Start thinking bigger - entrepreneurs are big thinkers and don't limit their potential
  • Learn from an experienced mentor - entrepreneurs are independent, however, they learn from people that can mentor them and accelerate their success (this can be a business coach, a speaker at a seminar, books, audios, etc from successful people) and also from other business owners in their field of business that can network and mastermind ideas with
  • Understand that ANY business will require start up and running capital. Business owners do not take this capital out of their own pocket or "save up" until they can start a business. They understand leverage and find ways to finance their expenses to get off the ground, and to put them into a position to profit.
  • Take advantage of all income streams available in the business....i.e. a fast food restaurant franchise - if you were buying one of these franchises, you would want to profit from the hamburgers, the fries, the milk shakes, the apple pie, and and other products offered. You would also understand the value of having a drive-thru. Someone buying a franchise like this would not limit themselves to just selling hamburgs and fries and send them down the street to another fast food spot to buy the milkshake and dessert. And, they would also understand the value of a drive-thru and treat it as another way to generate sales. If you are getting in the game of being a business owner, GET IN THE GAME! Don't stand on the sideline and "wait" until you have saved enough money to put all the pieces in place. Ask yourself "What do other top successful business owners in this particular business do" and then just duplicate that exactly. For instance if all the fast food spots have a drive-thru, and this is something that is important for the success of this type of business, then YOU should also have a drive thru...it is not about whether you can "afford" a drive thru or not - If that is your thinking, you are definitely thinking like an employee. It's time to make that transition to thinking like a business owner.
  • Learn as much as you can possibly learn on an ongoing basis about your industry. Knowledge is power.
  • Know who your target market is and direct your marketing efforts towards that specific group. There are so many basic, cost effective things you can do....
  • Do something you are passionate about! When I started my business back in Feb/05, I had been an entrepreneur for 18 years prior.....I knew I did not want to work for someone else....I also knew all the types of businesses that I was not interested in. I couldn't define exactly what business I wanted to start, but, I knew all the things that were important to me....so I made a list of what I was looking for:
  • I wanted to have a home based business
  • I wanted a business that was portable, so I could travel for 3-6 months at a time if I wanted, and still be able to run my business from anywhere in the world - preferably from a lawn chair by a pool, or on the beach
  • I wanted time leverage so I could reduce the number of hours I was working
  • I wanted to set my own hours and work when I decided to work
  • I wanted to take as much time off to spend with my family as I choose
  • I wanted to work with like minded people
  • I wanted to find a business that was of great interest to me.....I only wanted something I could get excited about in terms of what it offered people
  • I wanted something extremely lucrative so that I could retire my husband and we could start living a life of total freedom

  • When you first make the list for yourself, sometimes it can seem daunting and you may wonder if what you are looking for even exists? When I made this defined list, these were the things that were important for me to find in a business, even though I didn't know what that business would be. But, because I was crystal clear on WHAT I wanted, when it came along, I knew I had found the perfect match! There was no "thinking or deciding" required to make my decision. I found the business that met all of this criteria and the decision was then very simple.
    Being in total control of your future is what being an entrepreneur is all about. People never get that luxury by being an employee. If you are willing to get clear on what you truly want in your life, and then are willing to do what other successful entrepreneurs do, you will develop a life for yourself that people dream about. A life that employees think is just for a select few. But here is the key - YOU can be part of that select few - you simply have to stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like an entrepreneur and take the actions we take.

    In Your Service
    Debbie Ruston
    1-519-342-4050 or 1-800-576-2917

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Inspirational Article

Redefining the Real You!
By Leslie Taylor Hare
What’s more important your net worth or self worth? Oftentimes we find ourselves so wrapped up into allowing our net worth to define who and what we are to ourselves and others. Living in this financial tugger war that we are all currently experiencing it’s very easy to allow yourself to believe the hype that you are only as good as your money or what I like to call your net worth. Your net worth is going to fluxurate it’s going to go up and down. That’s just what money does. Sometimes you will have more money and sometimes or most times you will have less money to do the things you need to do in order to survive. However, you should never allow your self worth to be negotiated or compromised.

Imagine that I presented you with a crisp $100 bill. Upon presenting you with the bill I begin to crumple, and step on the bill and then I decide to uncrumple and straighten out the bill in order to offer you the money.

Q: Would you want the $100?

Of course, your answer is “yes”. No matter how dirty, wrinkle or beaten up the bill was you still wanted it because it never lost its value.

You must always know that no matter how broken or beaten up you may feel you’re still a strong, valuable human being.

Here’s two ways to determine your self-worth:

The world’s system: Self Worth = Performance (the things you personally do) + Universe Opinions (what others think or say about you)

God’s system: Self-Worth = God’s Truth about YOU

Once you identify the difference between the two I can promise you that your net worth will grow. Money will always come as long as you know your true value.

My Net Worth is not my Self Worth!

Leslie Taylor Hare

Leslie Taylor Hare is the host of the “Leslie Taylor Hare Talk Show” scheduled to tape in Dallas, Texas this July. Leslie’s also the afternoon host of her own radio program on KCBI 90.9FM.

She’s been a distinguished entrepreneur, television host, red carpet interviewer, inspiring motivational/inspirational speaker, life-coach, radio personality, radio producer, and Off- Broadway actress for over 10 years.

Leslie’s very excited to release her new inspirational CD this summer entitled “Inspirational Food for Thought”. This CD will provide you with mental/spiritual food to get you through your Sunday and the rest of your week.

In 2007 God graciously blessed Leslie with her own Women's Ministry - encouraging women to find fullness and fruitfulness in Christ.

Leslie has trained, mentored and ministered to women for over 15 years. Leslie’s prayer is to see women of all generations empowered to become true "Proverbs 31" women who are totally and completely fulfilled in every aspect of their lives, enabling them to make a difference in their families, churches, and communities.

Leslie enjoys speaking at women and youth events, retreats, and conferences; and coaching women to enhance their talents through life coaching workshops.

Learn more about Leslie on her website at www.leslietaylorhare.com or log onto www.kcbi.org.

If you would like to book Leslie email leslie@leslietaylorhare.com and request her to present her most popular spiritual message “How Heavy Is Your Luggage”. This seminar will teach you how to let go and let Christ carry your burdens.

She always delivers a powerful message that inspires, excites and creates a passion for life that you have never experienced.

Leslie’s spiritual motto is “if you can see the invisible you can do the impossible”


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