May 2009
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Message from Shyra

Have you encountered a major setback?  Many of us have, but what do you allow it to do to you when it happens?  Do you quit and feel as if the world is about to come to an end?  Do you just give up on everything?  Or do you realize that this setback just might be the opportunity given to you to sort of re-group and think things over for the new plan?   A setback allows the time needed to take a step back and realize some things you might need to change for the better.  Sometimes, it might be considered an eye opener.  Take advantage of this opportunity and get a new strategy together.   You might need to get away from everyone and have some private time to yourself.  
Let me share something with you.  Before I left my full-time ďjobĒ, I encountered a setback.  I was pregnant and began to have really bad pain in my back and I fainted at times.  My doctor ended up putting me on bed rest months before my baby was due.  This, I thought was horrible!  I could only get up to use the restroom and it would hurt so bad to walk.  Some of you might be saying, you would have loved to be off work on bed rest to avoid having to work and still get a check.  Well, Iím one who canít stand to be still.  I feel as if Iím wasting the day if Iím not doing anything and it drives me crazy!
Anyway, I was frustrated and focusing on all of the wrong things while lying in the bed.  Once I began to focus on things, I realized what I was actually supposed to be doing with this time I had now been given.  This setback allowed me to focus on my new business plans and provided me the much needed time to do my research.  I got so into it at times that I didnít even feel the pain anymore.  To make a long story short, after I had my baby, the pain that I had felt was no longer there and I was able to move around immediately after returning home from the hospital.  I was in a hurry to move on everything I had been researching and after my maternity leave was up, I was able to return back to my ďjobĒ and hand them my two weeks notice.  I have not worked a ďjobĒ since and my business is great!
So what setback are you facing today?  Donít come down on yourself and focus on the negative.  Realize that this could possibly just be the beginning to something so great and wonderful.  You could actually have been set up for your great big COMEBACK!

Monthly Expert
5 Simple Steps to Turn Your Hobby Into A Profession
By Gian Fiero

As a business adviser I'm constantly approached by people who possess extraordinary skill or talent to do or make something. Through their own admission, many of them are not business people, but they have a burning desire to turn their hobbies into a profession. This article provides simple, step-by-step instruction on how to make it happen, and offers key considerations that should be taken into account when doing so.

Most people who are passionate about their hobbies often find them cathartic or therapeutic. While this is beneficial for you, the monetization of your hobby must have inherent benefits for others. For example, a painter who enjoys painting relishes the process of painting. The sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing a "work of art" is their reward, and that may be enough for him/her. In order to successfully turn your painting hobby into a profession that will sustain you, you will have to make the distinction between the craft and the product and determine which one can be monetized to successfully pursue and obtain additional financial rewards from others who find value in what you have to offer.

Painters such as Leonardo da Vinci, were employed by kings to paint portraits. They were paid for services rendered (their craft). Their paintings (their products) which were not commissioned works of art, were sold for fortunes - usually after their deaths. For the person who wishes to turn their hobby into a profession, they have to decide if they are going to sell the services of their craft, or a resulting product made from it. Getting paid from the mastery use of your craft essentially puts you in a service position that requires work that can only be done by you. Anyone can sell a product made by you. Investigate the pros and cons of each option. In many cases, you will have to do both.

3. CATER TO OR CREATE DEMAND Unfortunately, for many who would like to turn their hobby into a profession, the dream dies here. If you bake cookies, pies, or cakes, there's a high demand for them. There's also fierce competition vying for the opportunity to feed that demand. Either you cater to demand, or you create it. By developing a niche for yourself - something that only you do - you will improve your chances of competing and succeeding in your marketplace. Your butter cream chocolate cake will not be lumped into the same category as chocolate cake and develops a unique brand - and following - of its own that only you can supply.

As obvious at it may seem, many people who attempt to turn their hobby into a profession often overlook the fine detail of paying themselves. It's understandable; you are now transforming your hobby into a business which involves business transactions - none of which is more important than you paying yourself. If you are seriously considering leaving your day job and making your hobby a full time occupation, just do the math. How much do you make per day at your job? Per month? Per year? This is a tried and true method of determining how viable your hobby can be based upon how much you decide to charge for your service/product. It also clarifies what your revenue goals should be when you turn your hobby into a profession.

5. CONSULT A TAX CONSULTANT Most people who start a business don't think about utilizing the services of a tax attorney until after the fact. They are a tremendous source of information and can prove to be an invaluable ally as your business grows, in addition to making sure that you don't get into trouble with the I.R.S. for not paying your taxes or making imprudent deductions.

Finally, if you can retain the original passion that you have for your hobby when it becomes your profession, you will have created the greatest job for yourself. You just need to find the courage to take the proverbial leap of faith. Hopefully this article gives you a little more incentive to finally do it.

Gian Fiero is a seasoned educator, speaker and consultant with a focus on business development and music/entertainment industry operations. He is affiliated with San Francisco State University as an adjunct professor and the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) where he conducts monthly workshops on topics such as career planning, public relations, and personal growth.

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Inspirational Article

The 3 Golden Steps to Have a Successful Mindset
By Sultan Aman
We are all different and unique, with interests, goals and dreams that make us all so wonderful and different. Yet no one can deny the fact that we are the same in our common desires. We are all so definitely engaged in one endeavor, one pursuit.... yes you guessed it, happiness. Let me be clear here on one thing, happiness requires a healthy mind- more precisely a mindset for success.

Yes, that really common knowledge you may say, I totally agree you but why I make mention of this is that it is the least realized need in people's lives. If you ask people what you want they will come up with all sorts of answers mostly on the zone of "money". People do not understand what they want they only echo the loudest sound around them. They emulate one another to the extreme.

Someone might want to be financially free but don't really focus on how to grow to that status because in order to accumulate wealth and understand money management and growth one needs to be aware of where he/she is right now? what are their actions? where and how they plan to get there? and also what do they need to change in order to gradually direct themselves as a success seeking individuals, as businesses, to be where he wants to be.

Let me explain why is that so important and that the path to happiness is embedded in the path of success - by far I am not referring to money success but success that manifests in all areas of your life.

You see you need to be aware of what you are doing minute by minute in your daily routine. You need to understand that the challenges and dissatisfaction you have right now is the result of your thinking, your attitude and your mentality all the years ago, you need to analyze "you" as a train that is at the station of "Now" after a long journey out of a badly managed railway route. You are now going to be checked, re-initiated, prepared and given a solid and well laid out route to arrive at your next destination ... "success". This new route is driven by a new driver, your new successful mindset.

Let me sum the golden steps out for you here:

Number One : Have a clear understanding of where you are right now in your life. What were the factors (decisions) that resulted in you arriving here?. What is your current financial situation and what actions or priorities you have set that given you this situation?

Number Two: What do I need to change in order to change/ replace my life and elevate it to new highs?. What habits do I need to replace to get to where I need to be? Who am I inspired by? Does that person represent me in my successful future? This is where you'll need to choose a role model. a mentor to help you find inspiration and a live model of success to emulate. You also need to magnify your daily behavior and find what large and small habits and slowing you down. It is vital that as you acquire these new skills and success fuel that you get rid of any useless activities and start making friends with success driven people.

Number three: Nothing can put all the above into full effect without this one. This is the step that brings out the best in you to the world and more importantly it brings it out to you. You will see yourself in success, your successful mindset is within and you are now success in flesh. This very important step is nothing else than well known phrase Do I NOW.

I hope you don't waste another minute and get your success in motion right now, get your successful mindset into gear. There is no better time than now.

Successful Online Marketing Mentor and Leader.
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